Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Polite Cruising

Importance of Being Polite When Cruising

Poor Behavior by Rude Passengers on the Coral Princess Panama Canal Cruise

Dear Polite Travelers,
Surprise!  We’re talking civility here.  Who would have thought?  
Sure, most of us consider ourselves polite, civil people who treat others kindly.  Then why do many of us cringe when observing the behavior of fellow cruisers?  Simple answer: many travelers have unrealistic high expectations that are bound to result in poor behavior toward those attempting to please us.  This is especially true with cruisers.  
What?  Rude Passengers?
Okay, so here’s a scenario I observed.  My travel-partner hubby and I were sitting at the Explorer’s Lounge Bar—very small and intimate—enjoying a wonderful conversation with the bartender and a couple of servers.  With one of the servers, I had the opportunity to become more familiar and found that she’s actually a nurse who gave up her career to work for Princess, so she could be nearer her husband who works on the Coral.  Can you imagine giving up that type of career to schlep drinks to dismissive, entitled ingrates?  Besides her credentials, she is a sweetheart.  
That trivia aside, a trio of disappointed cruisers confronted her while we looked on.  Evidently, they believed that would be some sort of reception for them and they were blaming the only one they could at the time--her.  The woman in the group was “in her face” and belittling her.  I almost stepped in, but the bartender gave me “the look” which meant, “This is part of our job.”  
Unfair Consequences 
Using this one scenario as an example, once a complaint is made about an employee, that person is disciplined, which means that some negative action is taken.  Most working on a ship receive goodies when they are praised by cruisers, like a day treated as a passenger or a dinner at one of the fine restaurants.  This is something most covet and, unfortunately, won’t materialize for this former nurse or any of the other dozen employees I witnessed being denigrated for simply being.  
Observed Reasoning Behind Rude Behavior
Being nice shouldn’t have a price tag or reward.  None of us is more important than anyone else.  Thus, we should be grateful for every little thing others do for us.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many—if not most—passengers once they ascend the gangplank.  By observation, it appears the current, prevalent view is that since we pay dearly for our cruises, those working on the ship work for us, which is somewhat true.  Nevertheless, many treat these hardworking people as slaves.   I suppose it helps those committing these crimes against civility feel important.
Consequences of Being Nice
I call it “passing out cookies.”  Yep, I’m a cookie passer-outer and proud of it.  As silly as it sounds, I observe people: their attire, manners, smiles...most everything.  When appropriate and at the proper moment, I use that information to compliment and try to make a connection.  For example, I noticed a young junior waiter who appeared to be observing every movement of the senior waiter she worked with while also observing all her diners.  She appeared anxious, as if she had a great need to prove herself.  When she arrived at my table, I complimented her on what I observed, which was her efficiency, and included that I thought she would advance quickly. She nearly cried but saved that for later.  Not only did she cry on our last night, she gave us her address in Slovenia, so we could visit and stay with her when traveling.  
Did she advance?  Yep!  Just that small gesture gave her the confidence she needed.  Now that felt good.  And, that is what being nice is.  It’s not just the right thing to do or something we do for our benefit.  Being nice spreads good will.  A win-win for all.  
Oh, and that nurse??  She’s now my best bud on Facebook.

The world would truly be a lonely place if we didn’t share the good inside us.

Your thoughts and observations??

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