Monday, January 2, 2017

Venue Review: Hilton Hawaiian Village

Unexpected Upgrade at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Hotel

For our most recent visit to the “Gathering Place”, better known as Oahu, we decided to split our ten-day stay between two excellent Hilton properties: Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel (review) and Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Hotel.   During our stay at the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, I thought it couldn’t get any better.  We enjoyed our stay immensely.  Nevertheless, Hilton surprised us once more.

We’re upgraded to where? 

Yep, because we are Hilton Honors members, we were upgraded again to...wait for it…the Ali’i Tower!  Breathe, breathe.  Amazing upgrade.  Here’s a bit of the background about this excellent upgrade. 

Earlier this year, my husband noticed an unbelievable half-price deal on suites at the Hawaiian Village property.  So, without hesitation, he grabbed five nights for a Jr. suite in the Rainbow Tower.  We had never stayed in that tower and were looking forward to an excellent view in a lovely tower.  When he checked in online the day before our stay, he noticed an upgrade was available if he wished to accept it.  Easy decision.  Hilton upgraded us from a Jr. suite to a full suite in the most exclusive tower on the property and on the same floor royalty, celebs and government officials stay.   Even President Obama has stayed there.  Wow!

Slideshow of our stay

Our Private Oasis

Due to the Elvis Presley’s love of staying in the Ocean Tower, it was once called the Elvis Tower and is now called Ali’i Tower.  This is just one of the reasons it is so special, but there are many, many more.  It has a private welcome desk, concierge and private facilities, including a private pool, bar and gym.   It even has a library and free DVD rentals.  I know.  Who would want to watch a movie in a hotel room when the beach is just outside our door?  Well, it did come in handy when my hubby fell ill and needed to stay in for two days. 

The Ali’i Tower is located next door (ish) to the Tropics Bar & Grill where we had the most delicious burger to share.  It is a bit pricy at $18, but is large enough to share and the Seasoned French Fries and Onion Brioche Bun really sell it.  Even though it would be easy to purchase a meal, box it up and take it to our room, we chose to sit and enjoy watching the ocean from this lovely open-air restaurant. 

May we just live here?

After checking in at our “private check-in desk”—which was special, by the way – we jumped into an opening elevator.  As we exited the elevator, I noticed more housecleaning staff than I am used to seeing in a small area.  It appears that a housekeeper is assigned to very few rooms as opposed to other hotels—or towers.  Our housekeeper was a lovely, caring person.  I enjoyed my many conversations with her.

As we approached our room, I was again surprised with a double door entry.  Double doors?  That’s a first for us and just the first surprise.  Once those doors opened, I turned and asked my hubby, “Are we really supposed to be here?”  Check out the video.

The Village

As the name “Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Hotel” suggests, this is a huge resort.  I won’t list everything on the property, as this information is easily referenced on Hilton’s website.  However, I will tell you that you shouldn’t need to leave the village unless you want to.  It has 90 various shops including two ABC Stores and one Whaler’s General Store.  Deciding to stay in one night, we purchased deli items, rum, pineapple and pineapple juice at one of the ABC Stores.  Yum.  Usually a wine drinker, I love a good rum and pineapple juice. 

Besides shopping, there are 20 restaurants, bars, water features—including five pools—and plenty of activities.  I signed up for several complimentary lessons, like hula and ukulele, but never had time to participate. 

Between the five towers—the Ali’i, Tapa, Rainbow, Kalia and Diamond Head—each with its own individual charm and amenities, we found plenty to do and to explore.  My favorite shops were the ABC stores and the Honolulu Cookie Company—lots of free samples. 


A $30 per day resort fee is added to hotel charges.  This fee pays for a number of amenities and is worth it.  Please read all it covers.

What are your experiences?

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