Sunday, December 17, 2017

Princess Cruise Stateroom C626

Top Three Things About Princess’ Balcony Staterooms

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Imagine sitting on the balcony of a cruise ship to watch the warm waters of the Pacific roll by.  Now, imagine those waters closer to the California coast.  Yep.  For most days, there was no sitting or doing anything else on the stateroom balcony of our most recent cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.  This part of the Pacific can be choppy if not down right wild.  Cold too.  Very chilly.   Nevertheless, as we rolled closer to the islands, the waters and the air warmed, allowing us to finally enjoy our upgraded room.  Watching the mountainous, green shore of Kauai grow larger as we neared was priceless. 

Storage Tips
The balcony aside, these rooms are not large—roughly 274 sq. ft. including the balcony—but was ample enough for a fifteen-day cruise.  Storage is limited.  However, if one is organized, most every item finds a logical home. 

There is, of course, a closet, albeit very small.  So, take this into consideration before packing your entire wardrobe.  My suggestion is to use your suitcases for clothing you won’t wear for a few days and hang the remainder.   Use, the small drawers flanking the bed/beds for clothing that does not require hanging.  I found these to be sufficiently large enough.  The shelves in these drawers made for great computer/electronic storage.  The drawers in the adjacent desk are perfect for medication, paperwork, phone chargers and other miscellaneous items.  

One storage option that works very well is a long, narrow cabinet opposite the closet.  Besides the convenient safe, it has ample room for makeup, shoes—that won’t fit in the closet—souvenirs and toiletries.  Speaking of toiletries, there is a small shelving unit next to the mirror inside the bathroom.  There’s plenty of space for most daily toiletry items.  Some just may fit on a shelf underneath the sink as well. 

Room Amenities 
Upon opening the door to the stateroom, you may be disappointed in the space.  However, you will find most everything you need for the cruise right there in that small room.  The balcony is large enough for two large patio chairs, foot rests and a table with room to spare.  The sliding-glass door allows for enjoyment of ocean breezes and offers plenty of warm sunshine to fill the room.  
Look around inside the room and you’ll find a mounted flat-screen satellite television above a chest topped with glasses ready to fill from your small refrigerator filled with libations you find on the ship.  We were lucky enough to score a “Sip & Sail” promotion for this cruise.  So, we stocked our fridge with small bottles of Korbel—great for sipping on our balcony.   
Across from the hidden refrigerator is the desk.  Hidden in plain sight is the hairdryer mounted on the wall next to the mirror above the desk, making this the perfect place to primp for the day.  Shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion is also complimentary.  
Sleep Tight
Princess has been touting their “Princess Luxury Beds” as “The most comfortable sleep at sea.” And I must tell you, that is an accurate statement.  Of course, the rough seas did assist in those sleep-filled nights.  Combine the comfy bed with the rocking ship...dreamy. 

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