Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Activity Review— Honolulu Parades and Rallies

What to Expect of Parades and Rallies in Oahu

Lots of Love and Unity Shared in Honolulu

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After witnessing the Pearl Harbor 75th Commemoration Parade last year in Honolulu, my expectations about the MLK parade were limited.  I figured the parade would arrive late and disorganized, but still memorable.  Was I surprised?  Oh yeah.  And, how about the People’s Rally/Women’s March?  Well, that was worth the price of admission.

MLK Parade Honors a Remarkable Man with a Remarkable Parade

Marching bands...check.  Unknown persons riding in cars...check.  Typical, right?  Some aspects of this parade simulated most.  Nevertheless, most of the multiple marching bands were animated, each member displaying emotion not typically found in the “typical” parade.  After all, we’re in Hawaii.  I never flashed so many “Shaka” signs in my life.
Enough of my opinion.  Check out the video above.

The People’s Rally Honors all People—Hawaiian Style
Not to get political here, as each of us has our own opinions and beliefs on what our government should be.  For this rally, much of it is left leaning.  However, the message was of love.  Or should I say, “Aloha.”
Please share your experiences.

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