Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Review of the Coral Princess

Fall in Love with the Quirky but Lovely Coral Princess

Dear Polite Traveler,
So, after several cruises on the much larger ship—the Grand Princess—we now are on a smaller ship; our first time on the Coral.  While the Grand is grand in size, it is not as homey...or quirky.  The Coral hosts 1,000 guest cabins compared to the Grand’s 1,301.  The Coral’s cabin sizes are much smaller, as well, with the average balcony cabin at 225 square foot compared to Grand’s 253 square feet which makes taking a shower even more interesting than on the larger ships—not that it is ever easy.  
Our Stateroom  
Quirky is as quirky does
Many fellow passengers shared the same first impression of the Coral: it’s quirky.  For my fellow polite cruisers of larger ships, you probably recognize the long, sometimes tight, hallways leading to our staterooms.  Coral definitely follows suit with one notable exception.  On most floors, these hallways include turns.  It’s somewhat like walking a maze.  Interesting.
The negative aspect of quirky is found in the middle of the ship.  The International Café, which serves yummy sandwiches, beverages, pastries and salads is open to the Casino.  Gasp!  Yep, cigarette smoke wafts in to mix with our cappuccinos and pastries.  Granted, most often it was barely noticeable, but still....  Call me crazy, but as a non-smoker I am not a fan of secondhand smoke.  

Entire Ship Video by HF World
Does a smaller ship equate to limiting activities?
Absolutely not!  Nevertheless, grunts and grumbles greeted us quite often during shows.  The Universe Lounge layout restricts viewing of the stage in several seating areas.  Plus, I’m sad to write, that some guests are not as polite as others.   Some insisted on filming productions.  Not only is this prohibited due to copyright laws, it also obstructs other’s viewing pleasure.  Sigh.  
That said, the shows are good—some great—and the smaller rooms didn’t affect the typical daily activities, like bingo and Zumba.  
 Small ship, but grand atrium!

This might be a small (ish) ship, but the atrium was very interesting and... shiny.  Many of the exciting activities and entertainment is found in the center of the ship—the atrium.  
Panama Canal is amazing, but much of the fun is on the ship.
There are so many continuous and various activities at all times of the day, it’s difficult to choose.  Nevertheless, I was able to fit in my Zumba, walking the decks, swimming and chatting with passengers from all over the world.  We sat in on a few games as well, like the daily trivia games and nightly couple’s games.  The couple’s games were hilarious!  
Below is a video of my favorite FUN times on the Coral.
Please share your experiences! 
The new locks are directly next to the old.  Our videos show both.

Extended video cruising through the Panama Canal.

Fun on the Coral Princess.

Food on the Coral Princess.
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